• Frequent Trips to the Bathroom
  • Irregular Sleep Patterns Due to Urgent Urination
  • Burning Sensation Or Pain While Urinating
  • “Stop-Start Urination”
  • Weak Flow of Urine
  • Always Feeling Like You “Have to Go”

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above, ViProsta™ may be your ticket to relief!*

Unlike traditional prescription medications that simply mask your symptoms, ViProsta is a 100% natural herbal supplement designed to give the prostate what it needs to heal itself, and stay healthy.*

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Dr. Van J. Veloso

Dr. Van Veloso has been practicing internal medicine for over 20 years. Leading a healthy lifestyle is the cornerstone of Dr. Veloso’s health philosophy. He has helped thousands of patients become healthier by recommending foods and supplements that enhance and support an active lifestyle. We are very fortunate to have Dr. Veloso as our medical director as he has years of experience in clinical patient care. Dr. Veloso believes in optimizing nutrition and supplementation to help his patients become healthier and live with less pain.

Dr. Veloso graduated from Creighton Medical School and completed his undergraduate studies at U.C. Berkeley. He practices medicine in California and is very passionate at helping his patients live longer, healthier lives.


The prostate must be taken care of. If problems are left untreated you may face infections in the urinary tract, sexual dysfunction, enlarged prostate and even prostate cancer. You might be 'forced' to take prescription drugs forever, or even worse, prostate surgery!*

That's why we created ViProsta to provide complete, 100% natural, prostate care.

Our formula is different, and the key is our ingredients. Many formulas available use low-quality extracts that are simply not going to be effective on a biological level. To ensure ViProsta is, we developed one of the strongest formulas on the market.

During the development of ViProsta, we investigated many of the existing leading formulas. Our discovery was that many are unwilling to go the extra distance and provide the most potent extracts – and many do not contain essential vitamins and amino acids that the prostate needs. We made sure that ViProsta was created with the highest-grade, most potent ingredients available, because we know how truly valuable your health is. Just a quick glance at our ingredients will back this up. Beta Sitosterol, Saw Palmetto, Zinc, Lycopene, and Vitamin E are a few core ingredients that are scientifically proven, in multiple tests and trials, to be beneficial to your prostate. If it’s in ViProsta, it’s in there for a reason.*

What many other companies that sell health supplements don’t seem to understand is that prostate formulas are not a “one-time” purchase. Our customers continue to buy ViProsta because they know it works, they have experienced it first hand. We pride ourselves in not being an average, over-the-counter, generic prostate formula.

We think that our customers deserve better, which is why ViProsta is crafted with 33 unique herbs, vitamins, minerals and amino acids that have demonstrated the ability to heal the prostate and relieve some of the most annoying symptoms you have been experiencing.*



Ingredient Thumbnail

Vitamin E (d-Alpha tocopheryl acetate)

30 IU (100% DV)

From the bark of an African evergreen tree, this extract has been used for decades in European countries. While studies are inconclusive about the herb being capable of actually shrinking the prostate, it is siad that it can be effective at easing the symptoms associated with poor prostate health.* It is widely used as an anti-inflammatory agent as well as an extract for all-around wellness with little known side effects.*
Ingredient Thumbnail

Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride)

5 MG (250% DV)

Studies have suggested that this ever-important vitamin can also have an impact on the prostate cancer survival rate in men. While Vitamin B6 can readily be found in many foods and multivitamins, our diets today can sometimes be less than stellar, which is why it is included in the ViProsta formula. Getting enough B Vitamins in our diets today can be challenging, yet it may be crucial to our all-around health.
Ingredient Thumbnail

Zinc (oxide)

15 MG (100% DV)

Zinc is the second-most common trace mineral that can be found in the body, beaten only by iron. This is because zinc can be found in numerous foods. Few minerals are as important to the body as zinc. Not only is it an antioxidant, but it acts to prevent damage to human DNA. The prostate contains large zinc deposits to help it function on a high level. Should these levels drop, problems can ensue.
Ingredient Thumbnail

Selenium (amino acid chelate)

210 MCG (300% DV)

Selenium is a naturally occurring mineral that is often found in soil, water, and food. This mineral contains strong antioxidant properties that may be able to protect cells from damage.* These antioxidant properties may contribute to removing toxins and harmful cells from the body.* Selenium may contribute to a healthy prostate when supplemented daily.*
Ingredient Thumbnail

Copper (gluconate)

300 MCG (15% DV)

Copper is a naturally occurring mineral that has shown promising results in maintaining a healthy prostate. This mineral helps to store iron in the body which of course has many health benefits. Copper has also shown to be effective in maintaining healthy bones. *
Ingredient Thumbnail


450 MG

Beta Sitosterol is a phytosterol (a phytochemical that occurs naturally in many plants). It can be found in avocados, pumpkin seeds, and cashews – among many other places, including, Saw Palmetto. In clinical trials, it has been strongly suggested that it can promote the free flow of urine in men suffering from an enlarged prostate.* It is not recommended for patients who have sitosterolemia, and it should only be taken as directed, as too much may be harmful.
Ingredient Thumbnail

Saw Palmetto (45% extract)

300 MG

Saw Palmetto is one of the best sources of Beta Sitosterol thanks to the concentration of it found in the berries of this plant. It has been widely used to ease BPH symptoms and to prevent the onset of BPH.* Saw Palmetto is one of the most versatile herbs in supplements for men, as it is also frequently included in formulas for male sexual enhancement as well as shampoos and solutions that prevent thinning hair and male pattern baldness.*
Ingredient Thumbnail

Pygeum Africanum (bark powder)

150 MG

From the bark of an African evergreen tree, this extract has been used for decades in European countries. While studies are inconclusive about the herb being capable of actually shrinking the prostate, they strongly suggest that it can be effective at easing the symptoms associated with BPH.* It is widely used as an anti-inflammatory agent as well as an extract for all-around wellness.* It has become considerably more popular in this treatment, likely in part to the fact that it carries with it little chance of side effects.
Ingredient Thumbnail

Red Raspberry (fruit powder)

75 MG

Red Raspberry has powerful antioxidant properties that may provide for strong immune support. By providing antioxidant support, the body can work to remove harmful toxins and cells which in turn may improve overall health as well protect against certain diseases.* This ingredient has also been shown to help relax blood vessels.*
Ingredient Thumbnail

Graviola Leaf Powder

75 MG

Graviola is an evergreen tree that is commonly harvested for its healing qualities.* It is known to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.*
Ingredient Thumbnail

Green Tea (50% extract)

75 MG

Green tea is packed with antioxidants. These antioxidants can provide strong immune support as well as assist in fighting inflammation.* By reducing inflammation, users might expect to see a reduction in trips to the restroom as well as stronger urinary flow.* Green tea also promotes mental clarity and focus.
Ingredient Thumbnail

Cat’s Claw Bark (0.5% extract)

45 MG

Cat’s Claw is a plant that is commonly used as an herbal remedy. This herb has been shown to have properties that may stimulate the immune system. * This herb has also been used to promote healthy joints as well.
Ingredient Thumbnail

Broccoli (4:1 extract)

30 MG

Broccoli has been shown to promote prostate health as well as a healthy immune system. Broccoli is also regarded for its antioxidant properties. These antioxidant properties can help the body to scavenge damaging free radicals and toxins, promoting overall well-being.*
Ingredient Thumbnail

Stinging Nettle (Herb Powder)

30 MG

Stinging Nettle has been used for muscle and joint pain, eczema, and gout – and of course, BPH.* Especially when used in conjunction with Saw Palmetto, Stinging Nettle has shown great promise in easing urinary problems attributed to enlarged prostates, according to many studies.* It has also been used to treat Osteoarthritis and sore muscles. Recent studies suggest that it also may be a treatment for hay fever — as well as treat high blood pressure and blood sugar levels.*
Ingredient Thumbnail


15 MG

Lycopene is a carotenoid that can be found in a number of vegetables, especially in red tomatoes. It is the most commonly-found carotenoid in the prostate gland’s serum and tissues. It is an antioxidant, which destroys free radicals that are intending to cause harm to the body; in this case, a healthy prostate.* It is also believed that Lycopene can promote effective communication between cells (gap-junctional), a process that can become lost as cells turn malignant.*
Ingredient Thumbnail

Maitake Mushroom

15 MG

Maitake Mushroom has been used for food in Asia for thousands of years, and has also been used as a natural immune stimulator.* Some studies have also shown that Maitake Mushrooms have been linked to lower cholesterol levels.
Ingredient Thumbnail

Reishi Mushroom (4:1 concentrate)

15 MG

Reishi Mushroom is a fungus that is commonly used as a natural immune booster. Reishi has also been shown to reduce high cholesterol and high blood pressure.* Reishi is also regarded for its beneficial effects on the heart.*
Ingredient Thumbnail

Shiitake Mushroom

15 MG

Shiitake Mushroom is a common mushroom that is often eaten as food. This mushroom has also been shown to boost the immune system as well as lower cholesterol.* Having a healthy immune system is key to overall wellness.*
Ingredient Thumbnail

Quercetin Dihydrate

Quercetin is thought to be effective in easing the burning of Chronic Prostatitis.* This is a problem that many men face, and options are very limited. Even if a man desires professional help to alleviate the symptoms, the antibiotics are said to yield less-than-stellar results. Quercetin is a bioflavonoid that can be found in onions, black tea, red wine, and apples. It is thought to have detoxifying properties, similar to Lycopene’s actions. It also has been linked to helping the body absorb Vitamin C, thereby boosting the effectiveness of the immune system.*
Ingredient Thumbnail

Juniper Berry Powder

Juniper Berries are harvested from Juniper trees that are commonly found in parts of Europe and North America. These berries are regarded for their anti-inflammatory properties. These berries may be beneficial to the prostate due to the anti-inflammatory properties that they posess.*
Ingredient Thumbnail

Uva Ursi Powder

Uva Ursi is a plant and its leaves are often used as a natural remedy for urinary ailments, as well as inflammation of the urinary tract.* By reducing inflammation, users may expect to see a stronger urinary flow as well as less painful urination. By improving urinary flow, users may also expect less frequent trips to the restroom due to the bladders ability to more fully empty itself.
Ingredient Thumbnail

Buchu Leaf Powder

Buchu has been shown to promote healthy urinary flow. This plant has also displayed antiseptic properties that may help with urinary tract infections.* Much like Uva Ursi, this herb may lead to a decrease in the number of restroom trips that a user will make.
Ingredient Thumbnail

Glutamic Acid

Glutamic Acid is the most common free amino acid in the body. This amino acid has been shown to promote several health benefits such as immune system support and a healthy digestive system.
Ingredient Thumbnail


L-Alanine is an amino acid that is has shown to be beneficial for prostate support. This amino acid is naturally made in your body, but providing additional L-Alanine man provide additional health benefits.*
Ingredient Thumbnail


L-Glycine is an amino acid that is naturally made in your body and is also found in protein rich foods such as meats and dairy. L-Glycine has been shown to be beneficial in providing prostate support as well as support for the kidneys and liver.*
Ingredient Thumbnail

Calcium D-Glucarate

Calcium D-Glucarate is made by combining glucaric acid with calcium. This chemical has been shown to provide prostate support. Calcium D-Glucarate is also effective in removing toxins from the body.* By removing toxins, the body is much less likely to fall ill.*
Ingredient Thumbnail

Pumpkin Seed Powder

Pumpkin Seed Powder is packed with zinc. Zinc is essential for prostate health as it is one of the most abundant materials found in the prostate. By providing the body with this ingredient, users can feel confident that their prostate are receiving the nutrients that it needs.*
Ingredient Thumbnail

Burdock Root Powder

Burdock Root has been shown to increase urinary flow and help provide support to the bladder. Burdock Root contains some chemicals that have displayed anti-inflammatory properties. By providing anti-inflammatory properties, users may experience greater comfort and stronger urinary flow.* With a stronger urinary flow often comes fewer trips to the restroom.
Ingredient Thumbnail

Cayenne Pepper Powder

Cayenne Pepper, also known as Capsicum, provides several health benefits due to the chemical contained in it called Capsaicin. This chemical has displayed several beneficial properties and may improve circulation.*
Ingredient Thumbnail

Goldenseal Powder

Goldenseal is an herb that is commonly used for improving urinary tract health.* Goldenseal contains a chemical called Berberine which has been shown to be effective against bacteria.
Ingredient Thumbnail

Gravel Root Powder

This herb has displayed properties that may improve bladder and prostate health.* Gravel Root has been shown to reduce painful urination due to its anti-inflammatory properties.*
Ingredient Thumbnail

Marshmallow Root Powder

Marshmallow Root (not to be confused with the sugary treat) contains anti-inflammatory properties. This herb has been shown to reduce painful urination as well as urinary tract inflammation.
Ingredient Thumbnail

Parsley Leaf Powder

Parsley, a common household herb, has properties that have been shown to improve urinary and prostate health as well as a host of other health areas. Parsley has displayed the ability to increase urine production.

Values Above Based On 3 Capsule Serving Per Day


The benefits you could experience by taking ViProsta are overwhelming. The ingredients in ViProsta have been studied at length and have suggested over and over that prostate health can be improved by supplementing with many of the herbs, vitamins, minerals and amino acids found within it's formula. The freedom you will have is priceless. Here are some examples of what ViProsta could do for you:


    Stopping, starting, stopping, and starting again. This can be a nightmare for men, and more than just a hassle. Beta Sitosterol and others have been strongly linked to easing this problem, leading to a much more fulfilling and less problematic life.*


    Get the sleep you need and free yourself from the 2:30 A.M. bathroom call. One of the specialties of ViProsta is helping with nighttime urination.*


    Our formula has been designed to not only help with prostate problems, but also to help the bladder regain its strength. If the bladder can become strong again, this will add to urinary control. Control is the key.*


    Fixing urination problems is key to leading a healthy life for men. ViProsta has dedicated itself to including the appropriate herbs for regulating the flow of urine and stopping the burning.*


    With an enlarged prostate comes sexual issues. Erectile dysfunction may be right around the corner; thankfully, this can be prevented and fixed. Ingredients are included in the ViProsta formula for just this reason.*


    Lycopene, a core ingredient in ViProsta is an antioxidant. It can go after free radicals that are trying to harm the prostate and other parts of the body.*


    The vitamins and herbal extracts we have included are there to nourish the entire body, with the prostate at the top of the list. As you know, the prostate can become the #1 physical concern of men over the age of 45. Which is why it’s ours.


Today is the day to finally put an end to these problems; today is the day to take steps to end your discomfort. It’s time to life live to the fullest once again! You are sitting at a proverbial crossroads here friend...

You could leave this page and forget about what you've learned here, you'll continue to live your life with annoying and uncomfortable prostate issues. You could always get risky and painful surgery, or go on a handful of potentially toxic medications if it gets worse. You'll still have interrupted sleep, urinary pain, flow problems and sexual dysfunction.


You could take the easy step forward to take charge of your health right now, and give ViProsta a try. The fact is, there is zero risk, and absolutely nothing to loose thanks to our 60-day money back guarantee. If you change your mind, or don't notice any improvements within 60 days, you can send your bottles back for a 100% refund, even if they have been opened!

Over 6,470 ViProsta users who were once men just like you can't be wrong. They said goodbye to their prostate problems and are living lives full of health and vitality, not worrying about where the washroom is. ViProsta is the only prostate supplement on the market with over 500mg of Beta-sitosterol and 213mg proprietary herbal blend with ingredients that have the ability to restore the health of your prostate.

Finally, a natural prostate formula that is completely safe that will reduce nighttime 'runs to the bathroom', urinary pain, sexual dysfunction and so much more.

You will not find ViProsta in your local drugstore or supermarket, it is only available direct from us here at In fact, you can get an incredible discount off the regular 'per bottle price' when you order a 3 or 6 month supply of ViProsta.

Remember, your purchase is backed up by our 60-day 100% money back guarantee. Even if you have opened the bottles, you can send them back for a full refund within 60 days of your purchase.

You have absolutely nothing to loose, and only a life free of prostate issues to gain. Limited quantities are available at this discounted price, but if you order now we can ship your bottles out immediately and get you on a journey toward better prostate health.


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This isn't your usual guarantee with a bunch of fine print, or sneaky exceptions. It's simple. You get 60 full days to try the product from the date of purchase, if for ANY reason you don't like it or you feel that its not for you simply contact us and let us know that you want to return it. You ship it to us, even if the bottles are open or empty, and we give you a full refund of the original purchase price (minus any shipping costs if applicable). No games, no hassles, no complicated forms, no getting the run around. Just a super simple return policy and 100% money back guarantee. Who else in the industry can promise you that?






ViProsta is manufactured and packaged in the USA. Every batch of ViProsta and raw materials used to make it undergo stringent quality management processes in our GMP certified lab grade manufacturing facility. We strive to offer a high-quality manufacturing process. We are proud to provide this quality to our customers along with honest business practices and exceptional customer service.


I was getting up every single night just to go to the bathroom…sometimes up to five times. I felt exhausted all the time. Thanks to ViProsta, I feel rested again and have more time to spend with my grandkids.

~ Avery (Peoria, Illinois)

It’s nice to once again be able to go to family reunions and watch the grandchildren play. Sure, I always went to them, but if the park pavilion wasn’t near a bathroom, I knew it was going to be a long day. Thanks, ViProsta.

~ Ned (Tampa, Florida)

I started taking ViProsta back in 2015 and haven't looked back. After two months of use most of my nagging prostate issues were gone. I wen't on vacation but forgot my ViProsta, within a week I was feeling 'the burn'. I won't make that mistake again!

~ Grayson (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Even though Viprosta works wonders for me, I am writing you today to thank you for your great service. When my shipment was lost you made it a priority to get the shipment replaced and sent out to me in time for the holidays. Thanks again!

~ John (Las Vegas, Nevada)

I am very appreciative of what your product has done for my husband Ronald. He has some health issues, and getting up 2 or 3 times a night wasn't helping him. Ever since taking ViProsta he rarely wakes up to use the washroom.

~ Katherine (Niagara Falls, Ontario)

It was actually my naturopath that told me about ViProsta, she said her husband used it religiously so I figured I would give it a try. It took a month to notice any difference but now I can pee like I'm 20 years old again!

~ Charlie (Flint, Michigan)


ViProsta Specific Questions

For new users we recommend an intensive start by consuming 3 capsules daily. Once the product has fully entered your system and results are shown then users may experiment cutting back to 2 capsules per day. The capsules may be consumed together or separately as you prefer. The time of day of consumption is up to the user; however, we do recommend that you be consistent with your regime.
Each bottle contains 90 capsules.
We recommend taking ViProsta with a meal or light snack.
If you miss a serving, we recommend you simply resume by consuming your regular daily dosage recommendation.
No side effects have been reported by ViProsta users. If you are concerned about consuming ViProsta we recommend you contact your physician for advice.
Bottles are typically marked with an expiration date up two 2 years from the date of purchase.
All products are manufactured in the United States in GMP certified facilities.
ViProsta is 100% guaranteed by Eden Formulations. All bottles, open and unopened, must be returned within 60 days from the date of purchase to receive a full refund (less the cost of shipping).
ViProsta is designed to begin nourishing the body from the first dose. The average user reports benefits sometime within their first bottle. We recommend users to consume the product for up to 60 days before judging its full potential.
ViProsta is composed of all natural ingredients; therefore, the formula is reported safe to consume with other drugs or supplements; however, we always recommend that if you are concerned that you consult your physician for advice.
With any natural supplement you will need to continue taking it to benefit and see results. The supplement contains nutrients that your body may be lacking and since they are not being produced naturally you must continue to consume them.
ViProsta has been helping men improve their prostate health since 2011.
Most users report that ViProsta is successful in helping them. Most users are so satisfied that our returning customer ratio is very high. We are so confident in ViProsta that we are happy to offer a 100% hassle-free guarantee for those that are not 100% satisfied with the product.

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