Introducing NATROLEX


Are you a man who is fed up with your embarrassing 'sexual performance problems'?

Have you ever experienced the crushing blow of not being able to please your partner because you couldn't 'stay in the game'?

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A high-quality, drug-free, natural formula that supports men’s sexual health by helping to:

∙ Promotes, And Then Maintains A Healthy Erection To Last Longer.*
∙ Boost Stamina And Libido*
∙ Enable You To Last Longer*
∙ Promotes, The Healthy Restart Of Male Growth, And Then Maintains It.*

Natrolex could be your ticket to finally re-take control of your sex life and become the man you know you can be.

Most men hate to admit it, but sexual performance problems are now a rampant problem in this country. Just look at the recent sales figures for toxic prescription medications like 'the little blue pill' to prove it. The disturbing fact is that 7 out of 10 men will not be satisfied with their erection in their lifetime. An unfortunate subset of these men will have a problem 'being with my partner longer'. However, it doesn't have to be this way...

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How It Works

A proprietary blend of potent herbs, vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are scientifically proven to boost sexual desire and performance, and promote a natural balance to vital hormones and neurotransmitters. Although doctors, nutritionists and naturopaths often recommend the ingredients in Natrolex for sexual performance issues, many of these plant-based ingredients have been used around the world for centuries to combat these very same problems.*

Our formula is impressive; we made sure of this. From the FDA-approved laboratory & manufacturing plant to the pharmaceutical-grade ingredients we use, every step that went into the research and creation of Natrolex is a step of which we are proud.

While researching and formulating Natrolex, we discovered that many of the over the counter and online-only mens sexual health supplements were, well...weak. Too little of this ingredient, not the right ratio of that. The use of low potency extracts just to save a few manufacturing dollars runs rampant in this industry. That's why we committed ourselves to creating the best, most potent formula using the highest quality herbs and extracts that are easy for the body to absorb. What you'll find is that milligram-for-miligram Natrolex packs a bunch 2X-5X larger than most of its competitors, simply due to its potency and easy absorption.









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After taking Natrolex, I noticed that my erections were more satisfying. I've now been taking it for about three months and I'm still noticing differences.

~ Anthony R (New York, USA)

5 Stars for sure. Ive been buying this product since mid 2016, and will probably continue to use it because its so effective. Let me know if you come out with an auto-ship program please.

~ Donald T (Nebraska, USA)

Since beginning to take Natrolex, I've noticed a difference in my sex drive, my mental alertness, and my self-confidence has improved. I'm back to what it was like in my twenties.

~ Isaac S (Utah, USA)

I originally had my doubts about Natrolex when I first came across it last year because I had tried a similar formulation from the drug store, however, I'm happy to report it works!

~ Lesley O (New York, USA)

What I found within a week of starting Natrolex is that I started to have a new desire for my wife, it was like I was 22 again! Thanks for allowing us to reignite the flame.

~ Adonis R (California, USA)

I have been struggling for years and my wife told me 'it was ok', but I knew it wasn't. After taking your product and seeing her face after sex, it makes it all worth it, you guys could charge more :-P

~ Daniel T (British Columbia, Canada)


We spent the better part of a year developing and perfecting the Natrolex formula, combing 21 different plant-based ingredients, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. We dedicated ourselves to find the right ratio for this blend and the time invested was well worth it because, quite simply, it works!

Zinc - 50 MG (333% DV)

ZincZinc is the second most common mineral that is found naturally in the body. This mineral has been linked to promoting healthy semen production, and then helping to maintain it. Zinc also works as an antioxidant and supports healthy human DNA.

Oat Straw - Proprietary Blend

Oat strawOat Straw is a natural aphrodisiac that both men and women may use. Just as many other aphrodisiacs, this herb helps to spark sexual desire and arousal.*

Cayenne Pepper - Proprietary Blend

Cayenne pepperCayenne pepper’s heat may improve blood flow which in turn can help to maintain an erection. This ingredient may also provide libido enhancing effects.*

Oyster Extract - Proprietary Blend

OysterOyster is a natural aphrodisiac. By supplementing this ingredient, users may expect an increase in arousal and desire.*

Panax Ginseng Root Extract - 67.5 MG

GinsengGinseng is known worldwide to not only boost sexual health, but to strengthen overall well-being. Studies show that consuming ginseng may lead to enhanced sex drive and improvements for men suffering from erectile dysfunction.*

Maca Root (0.6% Extract) - 250 MG

Maca rootMaca is a natural root that grows in the Andes Mountains. This root has been linked to improvements in sex drive, endurance, and stamina. Maca has also been tied to improvements in mental clarity when supplemented.*

Pumpkin Seed - Proprietary Blend

Pumpkin seedPumpkin Seed is rich in Zinc which the body uses for semen production. On top of increased semen production, the zinc contained in pumpkin seed may also work as a strong antioxidant.*

Astragalus - Proprietary Blend

AstragalusAstragalus is a traditional herbal tonic that is commonly used to improve immune function. Astragalus has also been shown to reduce fatigue which may help with sexual performance.*

Licorice - Proprietary Blend

LicoriceLicorice, a common ingredient used for flavoring in foods, has also displayed some potent health benefiting properties. Licorice has displayed the ability to improve prostate heath and by maintaining a healthy prostate, users may expect an improvement in their sexual health as well.*

Catuaba Bark Powder - Proprietary Blend

Catuaba barkFor ages Catuaba bark has been consumed by men seeking to improve sexual performance. The bark powder is said to be a stimulant, providing elevated sexual arousal. The bark contains natural compounds that are known to enhance performance through libido revitalization.*

Eleutheroccus Senticosus - 67. MG

Siberian ginsengAlso known as Siberian Ginseng, this herb has been shown to help the body adapt to internal and external stress as well as stimulate the immune system, and increase energy.*

Muira Puama - Proprietary Blend

Muira puamaMuira Puama is a natural aphrodisiac that has been used for generations to peak sexual interest.* This herb has also been shown to help users maintain an erection.*

Orchic  - Proprietary Blend

Orchic extractOrchic extract is commonly used to improve testosterone levels. By supplementing this ingredients, users may expect an increase in testosterone levels which can lead to improved sexual health.*

Tongkat Ali Root Powder (Eurycoma longifolia) - 500 MG

Tongkat aliThe extract from the root of the flowering plant Tongkat Ali is one of many known aphrodisiacs. Men consume this herb as it is said to help balance sexual abnormalities and boost libido. It is also known for its ability to provide overall increase in stamina and energy.*

Tribulus Terrestris Powder - Proprietary Blend

Devil's WeedTribulus Terrestris, or Devil’s Weed, is widely consumed by athletes to promote performance and men seeking to support sexual deficiencies, including lack of libido. Research suggests that the plant builds strength, libido, and overall sexual energy.*

Sarsaparilla - Proprietary Blend

SarsaparillaThis herb has been traditionally used to increase testosterone levels. Increases in testosterone may lead to enhanced sex drive and stamina.*

Nettle Leaf - Proprietary Blend

Nettle leafNettle leaf is commonly used for prostate and urinary support; however, it has also has been shown to provide sexual health benefits. Although it is primarily used for prostate health, by promoting a healthy prostate, users may be able to improve sexual health as the prostate plays a big role in sexual health.*

Boron 5% (Amino Acid Chelate) - Proprietary Blend

BoronA naturally occurring mineral, Boron has been commonly used to increase testosterone levels and mental clarity.*

L-Arginine HCl - 500 MG

L-arginineL-Arginine is an amino acid that men have been using for centuries to promote stronger erections. It is said that consuming L-Arginine can cause blood vessels to expand after the body turns the amino acid into nitric acid thus resulting in firmer, stronger erections.*

Values Above Based On 2 Tablet Serving Per Day


Natrolex Specific Questions

How many times per day do I take Natrolex? When should I take it?

We recommend users consume 2 capsules daily. The capsules may be consumed together or separately as you prefer. The time of day of consumption is up to the user; however, we do recommend that you be consistent with your regime.

How many capsules are in a bottle?

Each bottle contains 60 capsules.

Who should take Natrolex?

Natrolex is for males looking to increase libido and sexual performance. Our clientele ranges from men in their 50s to 70s to men in their 20s looking to improve the fullness and firmness of their erections, to acquire more stamina, or simply to enhance the sexual experience. Men with chronic medical conditions or who are taking prescription medications should always consult with a doctor before taking any dietary supplement.

Why should I choose Natrolex?

We make Natrolex using the highest-grade ingredients available, and we’ve also stacked ingredients that are known to add the plus factor to your sexual power. All of our ingredients are considered “Top Tier”, and we’ve omitted the secondary tier of herbs.

FDA Statements of Natrolex.          

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. We do not guarantee results and results may vary.

Is Natrolex Non-GMO?

Yes, Natrolex is a Non-GMO formula.

Can I take Natrolex on an empty stomach?

We recommend taking Natrolex with a meal or light snack.

Can I consume alcohol when I'm using Natrolex?

Because Natrolex is an all-natural product, it can be taken with alcohol unlike most prescription medications. This is not to say that alcohol doesn’t sometimes play a role in preventing erections; it has its effects. But once our herbs are in your system, you will see that alcohol’s effects will be much more limited on your sexual biology.

I forgot to take my capsules yesterday! Should I double up?

If you miss a serving, we recommend you simply resume by consuming your regular daily dosage recommendation.

What potential side effects can Natrolex have on users?

No side effects have been reported by Natrolex users. However, if you are allergic to shellfish you should avoid taking Natrolex because it contains extract from Oyster. If you are concerned about consuming Natrolex we recommend you contact your physician for advice.

What is the guarantee on Cortexa?

Bottles are typically marked with an expiration date up two 2 years from the date of purchase.

Where is Natrolex made?

All products are manufactured in the United States in GMP certified facilities.

What is the guarantee on Natrolex?

Natrolex is 100% guaranteed by Eden Formulations. All bottles, open and unopened, must be returned within 60 days from the date of purchase to receive a full refund (less the cost of shipping).

When will I see results?

Natrolex is designed to begin nourishing the body from the first dose. The average user reports benefits sometime within their first bottle. We recommend users to consume the product for up to 60 days before judging its full potential.

Does Natrolex contain shellfish?

Natrolex contains shellfish (oyster).

Can I combine Natrolex with other drugs or supplements?

Natrolex is composed of all natural ingredients; therefore, the formula is reported safe to consume with other drugs or supplements; however, we always recommend that if you are concerned that you consult your physician for advice.

Do I need to continue taking the supplement after I see results?

With any natural supplement you will need to continue taking it to benefit and see results. The supplement contains nutrients that your body may be lacking and since they are not being produced naturally you must continue to consume them.

How long has Natrolex been on the market?

Natrolex has been helping men conquer annoying sexual dysfunction since 2011.

Is it guaranteed that Natrolex is going to work for me?

Most users report that Natrolex is successful in helping them. Most users are so satisfied that our returning customer ratio is very high. We are so confident in Natrolex that we are happy to offer a 100% hassle-free guarantee for those that are not 100% satisfied with the product.

Shipping And Billing Related Questions

What is the cost of shipping?

Standard shipping is completely FREE within the USA and Canada for orders over 1 bottle. 1 bottle orders will be charged $5.95 for shipping.

Do you ship internationally?

We currently ship to Australia, Canada, Dominican Republic, Guam, Ireland, Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States, and the United States Virgin Islands.

Which carrier will receive my package?

Orders will arrive via USPS.

Will my product arrive in discreet packaging?

Yes, the product will arrive in discreet packaging postmarked from Eden Formulations.

When will my product ship?

We strive to ship all orders the following business day after the order was placed.

What is the estimated time for transit?

US orders: 3-5 business days. Canadian orders: 4-10 business days. International orders: 7-10 business days. *International Shipping - Any unexpected delays at customs may result in an additional, brief delay.

Can I get my order overnighted?

Our current shipping methods are speedy and affordable! We do not offer overnight shipping at this time.

Can I ship to my PO Box?

Yes, you can ship to a PO Box or a physical address.

Do you offer an auto-ship program?

No, we do not do auto-shipping. You may place a new order each time that you desire more product.

Which credit/debit cards are accepted?

We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa.

Do you accept cash, check, or money order?

We currently do not accept cash, check, or money orders. We offer a secure payment outlet through our website where all major credit cards are accepted. We also offer PayPal as a payment option during checkout.

Do you accept PayPal?

Yes, you may select to use your PayPal account during the checkout process.

How will the charge appear on my credit card statement?

The charge will appear from Eden Formulations.



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