The Best Vitamins to Improve Concentration

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With our busy lives pulling us into ten different directions at any point in the day, it can be difficult to keep up and stay focused on the task at hand. As we get older and take on more responsibilities in life, this becomes even harder to manage, resulting in unwanted feelings like stress and anxiety. There are some ways to keep your concentration level high and several vitamins that you need to improve and maintain healthy concentration throughout your daily life.

Importance of Concentration

In order to complete tasks and stay ahead of your responsibilities, you need to be able to maintain your concentration. Trying to get through the workday, especially in those last couple of hours forces us to slow down our pace and many of us lose concentration. This is a brain function that requires lots of energy, like memory support, to maintain throughout the day.

In order to keep that concentration going so that you are not falling behind, there are a few things you can do to increase your focus and stay on task while at work, home, or anywhere else that you have an obligation.

Vitamins For Concentration

While vitamin intake and even supplements may not completely cure us of our inability to concentrate on the task at hand, they do give us a solid leg up. For small cases of focus-lacking, a steady intake of vitamins may be the trick you need. After all, our ability to concentrate over time starts to decline with natural aging and our brain not being able to supply the essential nutrients to every process all the time.

vitamin d3

Vitamin D3

A compounded version of vitamin D, Vitamin D3 has been known to be essential in cognitive function, ergo concentration. As our bodies start to get older, and we become consumed by other tasks in our daily lives, we start lacking the essential Vitamin D3 needed regularly to maintain that function in our brain. properly. Vitamin D3 has a function to enact enzymes in the brain, so if there is not enough there to enact these enzymes, then cognitive function and the ability to concentrate could be chemically impaired for the time being.


An essential vitamin to our daily health, zinc is also important for concentration. In order to focus for long periods of time, your body needs energy and a healthy immune system. If your body is spending time warding off viruses and bacteria floating through, they do not have time to properly adhere to cell division and maintaining cell health. This is why high levels of zinc are essential for concentration.

Vitamin B3

One of the vitamin B compounds, Vitamin B3, or Niacin, works directly with psychological function in the brain. This vitamin discourages unwanted psychological orders like anxiety and depression that are notorious for negatively impacting your ability to focus and retain information in your memory. If your psyche is healthy and functioning appropriately, your ability to concentrate will enhance, allowing you to stay focused longer, getting through that afternoon.

Vitamin B7

Another vitamin B compound, B7 or biotin hones in on stress and mood within your brain. It works to reduce the stress levels generating in your brain and reduce behaviors like anxiety to balance your mood.

Vitamin B9

Otherwise known as folic acid, B9 reduces fatigue that often sets in and prevents positive concentration. Located in leafy and dark green veggies, this folic acid keeps you healthy and alert for longer periods throughout the day, enhancing your concentration. It is such an effective vitamin that is required by doctors for women who are pregnant as an essential part of their diet.

Vitamin C

While this is commonly associated with focusing on building the immune system, it is also essential for your brain health and concentration levels, as well. With the appropriate levels of vitamin C, your body balances the energy that you release regularly, which is central to your ability to concentrate and move forward with your day.

Ginkgo Biloba Leaf

While this is not necessarily a vitamin like the others listed above, it is a nutrient supplement that targets your brain specifically with ingested. It empowers your brain to boost its functions and support different abilities like healthy psychological health, memory support, and concentration.

Supplement Options

These are a lot of vitamins and supplement options to keep up with regularly in your daily diet. Trying to develop a diet around the vitamins you need can generate more stress and further damage your ability to concentrate. This is why there are supplement options to assist you with the vitamins and minerals your body needs moving forward.


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It is time to boost your entire body health, including your cognitive health and concentration with EQUALIZE. This supplement is a total daily vitamin that includes a variety of the daily vitamins you need above and more for your overall body health. While it is supporting your immune system and heart health, it is also boosting your energy level regularly and encouraging positive cognitive health, which is important for your concentration levels during the day.


If you would like an additional supplement that focuses directly on your brain and improving the overall health of your memory and brain functions, then CORTEXA should also be a part of your daily supplements. This supplement gives your brain an additional boost of brainpower, derived from vitamins and supplemental nutrients that target your brain directly. You can maintain your memories and extend your concentration each day knowing you have the supplement and vitamins you need for great concentration levels.

Let Us Help You Get The Supplements You Need Today

If you are not sure which supplement is right for you based on your concentration or other health issues you may be experiencing, our team at Eden Formulations are ready to assist you with the questions or concerns you may have. Feel free to give us a call today at 1-855-542-4639 or contact us here for more information. We look forward to helping you boost your overall health today.

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