Best Vitamins for Inflammation in the Joints

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As we start to get older, a common problem we encounter is inflammation in the joints. With constant bending and use of the joints, they start to wear down and inflammation builds in these areas. Trying to treat and beat inflammation in the joints is critical as long as you know what is causing the inflammation and what you need to combat it. 

Some of the best ways to fight joint inflammation are to prevent it before it starts. With the use of vitamins and supplements added to your diet, you are able to take on inflammation in the joints much easier. Below are causes for inflammation in the joints and the best vitamin supplement options available. 

What Causes Inflammation in the Joints? 

When your joints become inflamed, there are several reasons for this pain and discomfort. 

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  • Arthritis
  • Gout
  • Ligament Damage
  • Muscle Weakness
  • Tendinitis


One of the top reasons for joint inflammation comes from arthritis. Arthritis can come in a number of types and affect different joints. Some of this pain is caused by genetics. It can affect anyone despite their age, gender, race, and other demographic features. Arthritis causes inflammation and discomfort in the joints, making certain tasks difficult. It is not something that is cured but it is managed over with appropriate treatments and supplements. 


A type of arthritis, gout is complex and painful for those who get it regularly. The inflammation in the joints causes significant swelling and redness that is more than discomfort and physically impacts their mobility while having an attack. It is something that they must learn to maintain and practice appropriate treatments to reduce the recurrence of it. 

Ligament Damage

Younger adults and even teenagers find joint inflammation to be a recurring pain due to ligament damage. Knee injuries and other joints that are torn when playing sports will have long-term damage on the ligaments even after they heal. Over time, this can cause joint inflammation in these areas that need to be treated. 

Muscle Weakness

Sometimes our poor physical condition can cause our muscles in certain parts of our bodies to become weak. When these weak muscles are worked harder in a given period than others, joint inflammation is generated in that area. For example, someone who does not use their elbows often on a regular basis may decide to play catch with another person, overworking that joint. Joint inflammation will build in that area quickly and increase discomfort. 


A common condition that many people experience regularly is tendonitis. When you suffer from this condition, the tendon in your arm or leg becomes inflamed. If the tendonitis is severe enough, that inflammation will stem to the joints, causing a round swelling, redness, and physical discomfort. Too much swelling can make this part of your body inoperable until it subsides and you get some relief. 

There Is Help With The Right Vitamins

Since a number of different things can onset the inflammation in your joints, it is essential to have the right supplements available to reduce the inflammation or prevent it from starting.

Vitamin A

One of the most important vitamins needed to fight joint pain is Vitamin A. Vitamin A provides support with development of muscles, tendons, and even cartilage that is found in the joints. If your joints are affected and have some damage, Vitamin A is quick to assist and repair these areas. Reduced damage means that you will have reduced joint pain. 

Vitamin D

Another vitamin critical for your joints is vitamin D. It regulates your calcium levels in your body, including your joints. Bones and cartilage need a certain amount of calcium for growth, development, and sustainability. Most levels of vitamin D are found in direct sunlight for those who are able to venture out and engage in physical activity. 


Another vitamin that is essential for your joint health is Omega-3 Fatty Acid. Found in fish oil, Omega-3 has a number of health benefits, including lubricating joints to reduce pain and inflammation. When your joints have enough of this fatty acid, there is reduced room for inflammation to build and cause pain or discomfort. If you enjoy exercising and an active lifestyle, incorporating this vitamin into your daily diet is essential for your health. 


Another common vitamin associated with joint health is glucosamine. This vitamin has been used for years as a supplement to assist with arthritis because of its support to the joints in your body. This compound is found in healthy cartilage and reinforces joints that do not have enough of it. 

Choose The Right Supplements

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At Eden Formulations, there are some supplements available that will provide the vitamins that your joints need so that you can fight joint inflammation and get back out there. 


Carefully crafted to support the joints in your body, Movexa is designed to provide your joints with support to fight off discomfort and inflammation. It supports the cartilage found in your joints, fighting inflammation and allowing you to get back to your daily life. You are no longer stuck in a chair and have limited physical activity due to this pain. The active ingredients in this vitamin are Vitamin A and D, giving you a daily dose of what you need for strong joints. This vitamin can be used to fight the current inflammation and reduce it. 


A combination of vitamins, Equalize is a daily supplement that assists you with helping you meet your daily needs of vitamins and supplements for a healthy lifestyle. Vitamin A, B, D, glucosamine and even Omega 3 are among the active ingredients. The vitamins infused in this supplement assist with joint pain and also give you additional vitamins to boost your health in other areas throughout your body. 

Are You Ready For Your Supplements? 

If you would like more information on our supplements or have further questions, we would like to hear from you. Contact us today at Edens Formulations and let one of our team members help you get the right supplements and vitamins for your needs. 

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