Originally founded in 2011, Eden Formulations is dedicated to the research and production of completely natural health formulations designed to address today's most pressing health concerns. Our line of supplements are careful designed and manufactured in a state-of-the-art, GMP certified facility located in the USA, to ensure a safe, high potency, high quality product.

We strive for nothing less than perfection. We truly believe that if you create a safe, quality product that works, offer it at a fair price and put the satisfaction of our customers above all else, the only outcome is success, both for our company and the users of our products.

We have a tight focus in the ever expanding supplements market, staying true to our roots, and focusing only on products that we believe in, not what the current 'fad of the day' is. Our core product line consists of six unique products, Equalize, a complete adult multi-vitamin, Cortexa, a mind, memory, and brain health supplement, Movexa, a supplement for the natural relief of joint pain, Natrofem, a women's sexual health formulation, Natrolex, a men's sexual health formulation, and ViProsta, a men's prostate health supplement.

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Dr. Van J. Veloso

Dr. Van Veloso has been practicing internal medicine for over 20 years. Leading a healthy lifestyle is the cornerstone of Dr. Veloso’s health philosophy. He has helped thousands of patients become healthier by recommending foods and supplements that enhance and support an active lifestyle. We are very fortunate to have Dr. Veloso as our medical director as he has years of experience in clinical patient care. Dr. Veloso believes in optimizing nutrition and supplementation to help his patients become healthier and live with less pain.

Dr. Veloso graduated from Creighton Medical School and completed his undergraduate studies at U.C. Berkeley. He practices medicine in California and is very passionate at helping his patients live longer, healthier lives.


Every Eden Formulations product is crafted with 100% natural herbs, plant-based compounds, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Years of research and development go into each and every one of our offerings to ensure our customers get the most effective, most potent naturally derived supplement formulas available.

Eden Formulations supplements are designed, manufactured and packaged in the USA. Every batch of raw materials used to make them undergo stringent quality management processes in our GMP certified lab grade manufacturing facility. We strive to offer a high-quality manufacturing process. We are proud to provide this quality to our customers along with honest business practices and exceptional customer service.

Finally, we back up each and everyone of our products with an industry leading, 60-day money back satisfaction guarantee. This isn't your usual guarantee with a bunch of fine print, or sneaky exceptions. It's simple. You get 60 full days to try the product from the date of purchase, if for ANY reason you don't like it or you feel that it's not for you simply contact us and let us know that you want to return it. You ship it to us, even if the bottles are open or empty, and we give you a full refund of the original purchase price (minus any shipping costs if applicable).

No games, no hassles, no complicated forms, no getting the run around. Just a super simple return policy and 100% money back guarantee. Who else in the industry can promise you that?